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29 September 2013 @ 10:56 am
Arafes 2013 Goods キター!  
Yesterday finally I could get some Arafes 2013 goods that I have ordered XD So happy when I see all these goods, all of these looks as great as I've seen in the preview picture :') And I think this is the fastest I've get my order from Japan, because Arafes was just exactly 1 week ago right?
This time I can't control my self from buying things from this year Arafes. Maybe because its the last year for Arashi to have a concert at Kokuritsu (and I hope they could perform again there for Olympics 2020 :p) and another reason I've buy this much because all goods this year are so damn cute, that I can't control my self, ahaha X3 At first I just gonna buy a shopping bag and an uchiwa. But after I know that sasih marup_cik & thenameisfake really gonna go to Japan for Arafes so I added some other things to order, ahaha. So here is all Arafes goods I've bought :3
I really like the picture at uchiwa and clearfile, all of them looks handsome and somehow their face looks really bright *o* ehehe. And the cup and ice tray, I really like it because it was red, Sho's color~ Can't wait to make something using it, maybe I will start making some Arashi's color jelly if I have time :)) And the shopping bag, its color is blue! I really think it was white, haha. And I like this bag, its big, simple and my shopping bag collection is added again this year :3 Btw this is the shopping bag from this and last year Arafes, both have kind of the same size right? Both have a big size, I can use it for travel to somewhere later :)
And some of my friends bring some other Arafes goods, like beads cushion and key cover set. Both looks really cute. And the bead cushion really feels great if you sleep with it. Ahh! Really want that too, but I have no more money left T___T
Beside Arafes goods, I decided to order HSJ's newest single, Come On A My House. Its been really really long time since the last time I have things from JUMP. I think the first and last thing from JUMP I bought is HSJ's first album, JUMP No.1, haha. And luckily I could get the limited version. Even I like the regular version cover more, but I really want the DVD of PV and making. So because both have the same price, so I decided to buy the limited version, hehe. And happy 6th year anniversary for them!! So its been 5 years since the first time I've known them. I hope they could release another single this year :3

Beside get my order from them. They tell some funny story while they at Japan. So they go to some place that Arashi or Johnnys related. Like how they could meet Aiba's mom, go to Shibuya where Satoko buy crepes, go to tokyo disney sea, gone to some radio and television office and can meet Shinoda Mariko-sama *o* Huaaa, I bet she really did beauty in person! And many other things they tell about their trip to Japan. I hope I could go to Japan tooo >__<
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