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25 January 2014 @ 11:53 am
Otanjoubi Omedetou Sakurai Sho  
Happy birthday Sho-kun!! XD For this year I have made some handmade things, not like last year, hehe. He's already 32 years old nee. I hope this year at Arashi 15th anniversary, Arashi can become more famous at Japan and worldwide. I hope he could get another new dorama & movie again this year. Hmm, a movie for celebrating 15th year anniversary with the whole member might be good, its been so long since the last movie :)
Here is some of the things I've made this week. Beside popcorn man, actually I want to make another things. Maa, maybe I will make it next time. I hope I can make it better than this :) And I make this 5 colors jelly using ice tray from arafes. Sorry for Nino, next time I will find the yellow jelly. Because of popcorn man I keep using orange as Nino's color, haha XP

Isakurai sho birthday


arashi popcorn man doll

arafes jelly

Btw this week finally I could get my HSJ's new single, Ride with Me, hihi. Thanks to my bf, this is my first time buy it directly not via ol shop, haha. I really want to buy HSJ's and Arashi's new single that release next month, but I don't have much money to buy it. Maybe someone want to buy it for me? Wahahaha. Btw this Arashi's new single already sold out at cdjapan since the first day of its announcement, that's another reason I can't buy it. Sasuga Arashi .___. Well, maybe I could buy it next time, or maybe I will buy the next single :)
hsj ride with me
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